Make Your Own Skate Shoes

Updated November 22, 2017

The perfect skate shoes must provide you with a good grip, be comfortable, provide support for your ankles and, hopefully, look good in the bargain. The only problem is that skate shoes like that are going to attract many other buyers, which takes away the pleasure of wearing unique, or at least rare, shoes. The answer is to make your own skate shoes. Several shoe companies provide this service to customers who are willing to pay a premium for items they design themselves. This service allows you to wear personalised and unique professional quality skate shoes without having to through the trouble of sewing or gluing them yourself.

Choose which brand of skate shoes you want. Etnies, Vans and Zazzle are three companies that allow you to design and make your own skate shoes. Alternatively, you can approach any skate shoes company and ask it to make a pair following your design; however, the cost may be prohibitive for most people.

Choose the basic model you want. Personalised skate shoes usually come in basic models you can then personalise. Choose a model you have already worn before and know is comfortable, suits your skating style--and one that you find attractive.

Pick a colour for your skate shoes. You can also upload a picture or design and include it in your shoes. A logo or design you made yourself will make your skate shoes truly unique. Some personalised skate shoes companies, such as Etnies, allow you to choose different designs and colours for different sections or panels on the shoe. For instance, if you choose an Etnies Faze model you can personalise the shoe's tongue, tongue top, laces, lining, eyerow, sidewall and heel tab.

Pay for your shoes and provide a mailing address, if you bought them online. If you opted for the more conventional approach of requesting a personal model from a brand that does not provide personalised skate shoes, expect a expensive price tag.

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