How Do Men Naturally Grow Breasts?

Written by ryan casima
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Men cannot grow breasts without effort. The only possibility to enlarge breast size for men is by working out. The size of your pectoral muscles largely determines the size of your breasts. The pectoral muscles span your chest and are one of the strongest upper body muscles. They are the "implants" under your skin. And, the good thing is, you can enlarge them easily by lifting weights.

How to Enlarge Your Breasts

You quickly can enlarge your pectoral muscles, commonly referred to as "pecs," with minimal effort. But remember, it still does take effort. You can't workout your chest in five minutes, like your abs. Dr. Gabe Mirkin says, "Your muscles should feel sore on some of the days after you exercise. All improvement in any muscle function comes from stressing and recovering." Workouts, such as push-ups, are great for tightening and slowly enlarging your pecs. More advanced workouts, like bench presses, dips and chest flies, are the workouts that really start to enlarge your pectoral muscles. However, workouts by themselves can do only so much to enlarge your breast size.

Bodybuilders take various supplements to help enlarge their muscles quickly and effectively, disregarding losing strength. Creatine is one of the major supplements in the world of bodybuilding. In short, it works by increasing your muscles' ability to retain water. The result is that your muscle fibres have a larger percentage of water inside of them, which obviously increases size significantly. But remember, creatine supplements were not made to increase strength; their purpose is to increase size.

What To Expect

If you choose to enlarge your breasts through exercise, there are many things you should be aware of:

A. In order to see results, you have to work out your chest at least three times a week for a month. You will have to increase the amount of protein in your diet if you want your muscles to grow; creatine supplements, among others, help as well.

B. The more sore you become during a workout, the better. However, it is unhealthy to work out the same muscles for more than an hour, and if you exercise the same muscles every day, you can strain them and will get much weaker results, compared to a good workout every other day.

C. The rep range of your workout should be about six to eight repetitions for each set, increasing weight every next set.

D. Joint pain is common for people who have not worked out with heavy weights. Drink milk (it also contains a lot of protein) and mineral water. After a while, your joints grow thicker, making them a lot stronger.

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