How to find a person by age name & old address

Whether you are searching for an old high school classmate, a long-lost family member or just someone you need to get in touch with, the Internet has made it possible.

You can use a variety of websites that offer "people finder" services. You can search using various criteria ranging from age to address. Even with minimal information, you might be able to locate someone by their age, name and old or new address.

Gather all of the information you know about the person you are trying to find. This information should, at the least, include part or all of the person's name, their age or date of birth and any address information. The address could be a partial address or an old address. Some websites might only require the Postcode or state that the person was last known to be in. Keep in mind that the more information you have, the more likely you will be to find the person.

Go to a website that specialises in locating and finding people. A few examples have been included in the Resources section of this article. You might have to pay for advanced searches on some websites, but basic searches are also available. Advanced searches might include results such as a background check, lists of relatives, current addresses and employment (see Reference 1).

Enter in all the information you have on the person into the chosen website. Run a basic search (which is usually free) first to see if any results are available. If the chosen website does not offer a basic search for free, you can enter the information into a search engine such as Google or use the White Pages Online. These options cost nothing and might give you enough information.

Perform an advanced search, which will cost money, if the basic search has not revealed enough information to accurately find the person. Enter in all of the available information that you have for the individual.


Run searches using search engines before using pay websites.


Do not use people-finding websites to stalk, harass or threaten people. Contact proper authorities if you are seeking a person who owes you money or has committed a crime against you.

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