How to Make a Bracelet with String

Updated April 17, 2017

Bracelets can be made using embroidery string. This string is very inexpensive and can be found at any craft store. If you know how to tie a knot you can make a bracelet out of string. They don't take long to make so you can make one for each of your friends, and some for yourself, too.

Cut embroidery string into 26-inch strands. The more strands that you choose to use, the wider and more colourful the bracelet will be. Each separate piece of string counts for two. If you want your bracelet to be six strands, then you will need three 26-inch strands.

Place the strings evenly together and fold them in half. In the centre, where the fold is, make a knot 2 inches in. This will create a loop at the end. Use a piece of tape to secure the loop to a hard surface, like a table or counter. This keeps the bracelet in place as it is being made.

Spread the strings out, making sure they are not tangled at the top. Each string should be separated from the rest. Fan them out leaving a 1/2 inch of space between each string. It is important to keep the strings in the order you arrange them throughout making the bracelet.

Make the first two knots by picking up the first string, and then the second. Hold the first string tight, pulled out straight. Use the second string to make a knot around by going over, under, and back up and out. As you pull the string back up out of the hole you are creating the knot. Repeat once more. Move to the next string, leaving the first behind. Do the same. Each string gets two knots.

Move on to the next row when you run out of strings on the first. Start using the first string, make two knots using the second, and continue as you did making the first row. Once three or four rows are done you will see the bracelet starting to form. Continue until the rows add up to the length you want the bracelet to be. Put a knot at the end of it. Trim the strings 2 inches below that knot. Use the strings on each end of the bracelet to secure it. Tie it loose enough so that it can be slipped on and off.


Use can use a safety pin to secure the bracelet to a piece of furniture, like a couch, when making it. This allows you to sit comfortably as it takes about 1 hour to complete one bracelet.


Be sure to cut your string at least 26 inches or you will not have enough to finish the bracelet.

Things You'll Need

  • Various colours of embroidery string
  • Tape
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