How to Buy a Wardrobe Mirror

Updated July 20, 2017

When you are looking for a wardrobe mirror, you need to know a few things about mirrors, such as the different kinds of mirrors available and where they can be found. You can purchase mirrors in furniture stores, antique shops or hardware stores, but some mirrors are better than others. This article will help you find the mirror that you like and need.

Get the best mirror for your budget. The first thing to consider is how much can you afford to spend on a mirror, as it is a necessity in a bedroom or dressing room. Mirrors come in all grades and, of course, the best quality mirrors cost more. Mirrors can cost between ten dollars and a few thousand dollars.

Check out any antique mirrors available. Older mirrors may be of higher quality. Sometimes the metal is peeling off the back, or there are cracks in the reflective metal backing which are visible from the front. Some people believe this is desirable, as it shows that the piece is antique. However, older mirrors tend to be made of heavy glass, which might be a consideration in the area of weight and safety. If you have a door on your wardrobe which can bear the weight of a heavy mirror, a mirror found in an antique store might be just the right decorative touch.

Consider a Perspex mirror. Safety is important, as well as function, in a child's room or bathroom. A mirror of lightweight perspex, rather than glass, means that broken glass will not be a hazard. And a perspex mirror will be easy to put on your wardrobe door, since it will not have the weight of a glass mirror. If the mirror you choose does not have rubber bumpers on the back to cushion door closing impacts, add them before you install the mirror. A mirror should be attached around the edges if it is hung on a door, so that it will not fall off and break when the door is closed. Look for mirror hangers in your hardware store.

Check out the dry goods stores, furniture stores and dollar stores to find the range of prices you might have to pay. Look through the classified ads in your paper, or through the local Internet trading websites to get an idea of the local offerings. You might find just the right mirror in your neighbourhood thrift shop!

Do not have a mirror shipped to you unless it is special. You don't want to go through the packing and shipping risks, so look for mirrors for sale close by, where they can be delivered or you can haul them home in your car or truck. Remember, a broken mirror is bad luck, especially if it has not even been hung on your wardrobe door yet!


An antique mirror might have a beautiful frame which can add a special touch to your wardrobe, so check out the antique stores. The metal Arunmulu mirrors from India are beautiful, but are priced beginning at £650 for a small one. Consider a standing mirror, if you have the room, instead of a hanging mirror, for your dressing area.


A glass mirror is always considered a hazard, unless it is securely fastened to a wall or a door of sufficient weight and quality to carry the weight of the mirror. Glass, when cracked, is a potential danger to children and infants, so remove and replace any cracked mirrors you may have around the house with lightweight plastic mirrors if you have children.

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