How to Buy Synergeyes Contacts Online

SynergEyes contacts are a brand of hybrid contact lenses that has a rigid centre along with a soft skirt in order to provide comfort as well as visual acuity. SynergEyes contact lenses are available to patients that have been diagnosed with myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism. If your eye doctor recommends SynergEyes contacts, you can buy them online.

Visit your eye doctor to receive an eye examination. Let him know that you wish to receive a prescription for SynergEyes contacts. He will determine if you are an eligible candidate for the hybrid contact lenses.

Find an online contact lenses store that offers SynergEyes contact lenses. Use the SynergEyes website to locate an online prescriber that can allow you to order the contact lenses. You can also check online contact lenses retailers such as Vision Direct to see if they have SynergEyes in stock.

Give the online supplier your eye doctor's information as well as your billing details. They will contact your eye doctor for confirmation of your SynergEyes prescription. Once this is confirmed, your credit card will be processed and the contact lenses shipped to you. Save your receipt for potential eligibility for the SynergEyes rebate program.

Send in a rebate form after you buy the SynergEyes contacts online. You can download rebates from the SynergEyes website and mail it in to receive a rebate check from the manufacturer.


If you can't find the SynergEyes contacts in stock on the contact lens retailer's website, call their customer service line. They might have them available but not listed yet on the site because they are a fairly new product.

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