How to Find a Doll Hospital

If you have a beloved doll or a collection of dolls, you may occasionally find the need to use a doll hospital. A doll hospital is a place where a person can bring his or her dolls for repair. Doll hospitals can make structural repairs as well as find replacements for missing parts.

There are many online doll hospitals. Most allow you to send your doll through the mail for repairs. The Doll Hospital is an online site that allows you to download and send in a repair request form. (See the Resources section.)

Use an online classified site to find doll hospitals in your area. Sites such as allow you to put in the type of business that you are looking for and receive contact information for doll hospitals in your area.

Connect with other doll collectors for recommendations about doll hospitals. For instance, the United Federation of Doll Clubs has a forum where you can converse with other collectors and determine a good doll hospital you can use for your repairs.

Look through the directory of doll doctors on the Doll Doctors Association website. Click on the "Hospital Locator" tab and see a listing of members that belong to the association. The site provides their address, phone number, and e-mail address.


You will want to contact several doll hospitals about the repairs required for your doll. Some hospitals only specialise in certain types of dolls and may not have experience working on the particular brand of your doll.

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