How to turn on active x in Firefox

Microsoft created Active X for the Internet Explorer browser to properly play various types of media. Although the tool was designed specifically for Internet Explorer, when using Firefox, you will sometimes come across a website instructing you to install Active X to view media properly. For that reason, Mozilla has created a plug-in that will allow Active X to be enabled in Firefox.

Determine what version of Firefox you are using by clicking on "Help" from the Firefox menu bar. Click "About Firefox" to see the version number listed underneath the Firefox logo.

Visit the Firefox Mozilla website to locate the Esker Active X Plug-In (see Resources).

Read to see which version of the plug-in is compatible with the version of Firefox you are running. If there is more than one version of Active X for your Firefox version, always download the latest Active X version since it will reflect updates.

Ensure that the box is checked to install the "Experimental Add-On." Click "Add to Firefox."

Accept the license agreement by clicking on the "Accept and Install" button. Once the automatic installation completes, Active X will be activated automatically for Firefox. If for some reason it does not auto-activate, click on "Tools" and "Add-Ons" from the Firefox menu. Click the "Plug-Ins" tab and click "Enable."

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