How to Export AOL Favorite Places

Updated April 17, 2017

AOL's Favorite Places stores the bookmarks you've saved from internet sites that you want to revisit frequently. Saving the links to your Favorite Places lets you recall them quickly. Export the Favorite Places list as a backup to make it available for use in a browser outside of AOL. Once exported from AOL, you can import the HTML file through the "Import" function of the "File" menu in your browser.

Open your Web browser. Type into the address field and press Enter.

Click "Sign In," then type the username and password for your AOL screen name. Click "Sign In."

Click "Favorites," then click "Yes Please" when asked if you would like to import your AOL Software Favorite Places. Note the name of the folder in which the import was created, then click "OK."

Click "Bookmarks," then click "Export Bookmarks." Click "Save" in the "File Download" box. Open the folder that you want to save your bookmarks to, then click "Save."


If you have more than one AOL identity, repeat the process for each identity's Favorite Places.

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