How to Tell If a Guy Wants to Date You

Updated July 19, 2017

Men tend to act aloof, even when they are interested in a women. Sometimes they respectfully show attention and concern when they only want to be friends and nothing more with a woman. It is sometimes difficult for a woman to be sure if her love interest would like to date her. Learn how to tell when a man is attracted to you.

Observe whether or not he makes time for you. If he goes out of his way to talk to you and see you in person, he is probably attracted to you. He may even change his plans to spend time with you. He may also show a preference to speaking with you over others or be willing to travel long distances to see you if necessary.

Notice how often he touches you. A guy who likes you will usually find opportunities to brush your arm or let his hand linger on yours when you take something from him. He may put his arm around you or place or let his leg rest against yours.

Notice whether he introduces you to his friends. A guy who invites you to hang out with his friends or family is inviting you into a personal part of his life and may be interested in dating you. Being introduced to his mother is often a good indicator that he is interested in a romantic relationship.

Determine if his behaviour changes towards you. If you are already friends, he may begin to take a deeper interest in you. This will be exhibited by asking you questions about your family, feelings, likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams.

Decide if he is showing off around you. A guy who would like to date you will usually try to impress and entertain you. This may take the form of making jokes or holding doors for you. He is actually trying to get and keep your attention as well as divert your attention from other men.

Examine his sensitivity towards you. If he goes out of his way to make you happy or avoid hurting your feelings, he is most likely interested in you romantically. This guy will eat your cooking even if it is tasteless and undercooked. He'll patiently listen to you ramble on about a hard day at work or at school. He will offer to make you feel better by taking you out to dinner or giving you a shoulder massage.

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