How to buy original lipodrene with ephedra

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding ephedra products has become increasingly difficult with its ban in 2003. Many people do not know this, but in 2005, the FDA allowed the sale of low-dose ephedra products. The problem is that the big companies that released the mainstream ephedra products like Stacker 2 and Xendrine, will no longer release their ephedra-based products to stay away from any legal ramifications. You can, however, still find higher-dose ephedra products for sale, including one of the more popular and effective ones, Lipodrene.

Open your Internet browser and go to the link provided in additional resources. The website is called i-supplements, and you can search through many different ephedra- based products.

Choose the quantity of bottle you are going to need by manually typing in the quantity. Next click on "Add to Shopping Cart." From here you will need to fill in your billing and shipping information.

Enter your coupon code if you have one. Normally coupon codes can be found all over the Internet. They change all the time, so providing a list would be superfluous.

Click on "Continue," which is located at the bottom-right of the page. You will receive your Original Lipodrene within five business days.


On many other websites you can find Lipodrene with ephedra, and they may or may not be legitimate supplement stores. Purchase cautiously. I-Supplements is a trusted and insured online-supplement store. Some classic coupon codes that are used often: eph20 eph15 eph10 freeship all 20


Use as directed as ephedra can make your heart race, if taken improperly Do not take more than the normal dose as deaths have been documented from ephedra overdose.

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