How to Make Reed Diffuser Oils at Home

Updated April 17, 2017

Reed diffuser oils are a combination of fragrance oils and a medium that allows the reeds to absorb the oil. You can use fragrance-grade dipropylene glycol or reed diffuser oil base -- both available at perfume supply stores. For the best results, you should use synthetic fragrance oils, also available at perfume supply stores, which are cheaper and have a stronger aroma than essential oils. You can use individual fragrances or fragrance blends.

Put the funnel in the 177ml bottle. The funnel will keep you from spilling your ingredients.

Pour the fragrance oil into the bottle. Add the fragrance-grade dipropylene glycol or reed diffuser oil base.

Cap the bottle. Roll the bottle several times between your palms for 30 seconds to blend the fragrance.

Stick the reed into the bottle and lift it. If the oil coats the reed but doesn't drip, mix the perfumer's alcohol into the oil blend.

Cap the bottle and roll it between your palms for 30 seconds.


For larger quantities, always mix the fragrance and the base in a 1 to 3 ratio -- 1 part fragrance to 3 parts base.

Things You'll Need

  • Funnel
  • 177ml bottle with cap
  • 28.4gr synthetic fragrance oil
  • 88.7ml fragrance grade dipropylene glycol or reed diffuser oil base
  • Reed
  • ¼ oz perfumer's alcohol
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