How to buy cheap gothic bedroom decorations

Decorating a bedroom in a particular style or theme can often be frustrating if that theme is outside of the mainstream product lines. Gothic bedrooms are a specific taste and it’s not like you can venture into the local mega store and find good decorations. But, with a little ingenuity and effort it is possible to find some excellent decorations at great prices.

Use the Internet to locate local theatre companies and prop shops in the area. (Check on university and junior college groups as well.)

Contact the theatre companies and ask them when they plan their next prop, set and costume sales. Ask for a list of their shows over the past two years. If they have produced a gothic show recently, it is likely that both costumes and props will be in the sale.

Contact prop shops in the area to see if they have a prop sale coming up and what type of items may be listed. Frequently prop shops build items that are preliminary production pieces that don’t make the cut. These items are often sold or thrown out.

Locate local LARP groups in the area. These are Live Action Role Playing groups and they range from vampire themes to science fiction themes. Many of these groups create props and costumes in the theme of the group, and often pieces are traded or given away as a role is discarded for something new.

Create a basic list of the type of items you are most interested in acquiring, but be flexible to items that are similar but not exactly the same. By networking among these groups it is likely you will be directed to other groups and other contacts for specific types of items or in house sales. Often the sales are poorly produced and more a social event and you may have to scrounge around in old boxes and bins.


Other candidates for quality decorations are SCA groups and Ren Faire people. It is also possible to find patterns and plans to build things that are not readily available.


It is easy to be seduced by all the cool stuff at such sales. Bring a non-gothic friend to restrain eager purchases.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Telephone
  • List of local theatre companies
  • List of prop shops
  • List of local LARPs
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