How to cure itchy hands & feet at night

Updated April 17, 2017

Itchy hands and feet are most likely a result of an allergic reaction. The itching sensation may inexplicably become more pronounced at night. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this phenomenon can be due to a more serious condition like lupus or Lyme disease, but the exact cause is best determined by a licensed physician. Meanwhile, there are a number of home treatment options that can help cure itchy hands and feet at night.

Visit a dermatologist or your family doctor to pinpoint the exact cause or source of your itchy hands and feet. A health-care professional will also be able to provide accurate treatment and care for your condition.

Take a 24-hour, over-the-counter or prescription allergy medicine (like Zyrtec or Claritin) to help combat the itching. For itching that occurs mainly at night, you don't have to worry about drowsiness as a side effect. In fact, it might even help you fall asleep more quickly and get a good night's rest as a result.

Keep your hands and feet properly moisturised to help stop the itching. Sometimes itchy hands and feet can be compounded by dry skin.

Apply a thin layer of hydrocortisone lotion to your hands and feet to relieve the itching sensation. Dip a clean strip of gauze in water, wring out excess and wrap around your hands and feet. This will help the hydrocortisone absorb into your skin more readily.

Keep a log of the foods you've eaten during the day, and any potentially allergy-inducing items you may have come in contact with. Show the log to your doctor. This may help him determine if you have any unknown allergies that may cause your itchy hands and feet.


If your itchy hands and feet don't go away after about a week, consult your doctor for a thorough blood test. The itching may be a sign of an underlying condition.

Things You'll Need

  • OTC allergy medicine
  • Moisturising lotion
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Gauze
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