How to Thin Latex Paint for a Wagner Spray Gun

Wagner spray guns help to reduce the amount of time and effort required for any painting project. Most newer Wagner spray gun models do not need the paint thinned before spraying. The nozzles have been designed to use paint right out of the can. If thinned paint is necessary, it is important to remember that thinning paint changes the coverage, spray pattern and dry time.

Read the label on the latex paint can to find the thinning ratio for a spray gun. If there is no information for thinning the paint, continue to the next step. If there is thinning information, follow the paint manufacturer's recommendation.

Create a mixture of 10 per cent water to 90 per cent paint. For example, add 1 cup water to 9 cups paint. Stir until the water is well-blended into the paint.

Pour the thinned paint into the reservoir of the Wagner spray gun.

Check the spray pattern and coverage on test material. If the paint is sagging or running, mix in more paint. If the Wagner Spray Gun nozzle is clogging, or the paint is too thick, add more water.

Continue testing until the desired results are achieved on the test material. Note the final ratio so you can duplicate the proportions for the entire project.


If the flow rate is not what is expected, clean or replace the sprayer tip.


Always work with paint in a well-ventilated area with proper eye and respiratory protection.

Things You'll Need

  • Latex paint
  • Water
  • Paint stirrer
  • Test material similar to what will be painted
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