How to Become a Baby Gap Model

Updated February 21, 2017

Gap Inc. needs baby models to show off its baby clothing and accessories. The company does not hire models directly because it usually needs them on short notice. For this reason, Gap obtains models through professional modelling agencies. Some children display a natural talent for modelling at an early age and may have more opportunities in the modelling field after working as a baby Gap model.

Ensure that your baby meets the age requirements for baby Gap models. Gap needs its baby models to be between 8 and 13 months old.

Take pictures of your baby. You can employ the services of a professional photographer, but modelling agencies will also accept simple snapshots and even Polaroid pictures.

Select a modelling agency in your area if you would like your baby to appear in print ads for Gap Inc. The company conducts photo shoots in different parts of the country and will seek models from local professional agencies.

Concentrate on professional modelling agencies in the Los Angeles area if you want your baby to appear in TV commercials. Gap shoots its TV commercials in the Los Angeles metro area and will only select models from local professional modelling agencies.

Seek representation with the professional modelling agency of your choice. Most modelling agencies prefer to receive pictures of potential young clients instead of having them come in for a casting call. Submit pictures of your child by mail or online, if possible. If the agency is interested, a representative will call you.

Watch out for the annual Gap Baby casting call, announced at Gap stores around the country. Parents send in pictures of their babies, and the public votes to select the winners: one boy and one girl. Although this does not guarantee further modelling opportunities with Gap, the winners will be featured in a photo shoot, their pictures will be displayed at their local Gap stores and they will receive a small college fund and other gifts.


When choosing a modelling agency, select one that is established and respected in the industry.

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