How to Tell if a Gucci Watch Is Genuine

Gucci is a high-end luxury brands that originated in Italy. Gucci designers create beautiful fashion and accessories each year. Their watches are no exception to Gucci's dedication to style and quality. However, when purchasing a Gucci watch, you need to know whether or not it is a genuine Gucci timepiece. Checking to make sure can keep you from wasting your money on a clever fake.

Know whether or not the store you are buying from is an authorised Gucci dealer. This includes Gucci boutiques, department stores and other high-end stores. If you aren't sure, contact Gucci customer service at 877-482-2430 to ask whether the store you are purchasing from is authorised to sell Gucci watches.

Consider the price of the watch. Watches from the Gucci 2009 line range in price from £581 to £8,450. If you find a watch that is more than 30% off the retail price, you can bet that it isn't real. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Ask to see the original receipt if purchasing the Gucci watch second-hand. The original buyer should still have it. Look also for a controlatto card and original box to be presented with it. The box should be brown and square, with the Gucci lettering on it in all capitals.

Look for the Gucci logos on key pieces of the watch. The centre of the hands of the clock should have a tiny "G" on them, and there should be a "Swiss Made" logo underneath it. There should also be a logo of the double "G" on the back of the watch face. These characteristics are indicative of a genuine Gucci watch.

Look at the quality of the watch. Gucci watches are made of heavier metal than traditional sterling silver or gold-plated watches. Gucci watches are traditionally made out of steel or gold. The quality should be impeccable; if there are pieces missing or broken clasps, you can bet that it is not genuine.


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