How to Make a Homemade Lockpick Set

Updated February 21, 2017

This homemade lock pick set allows you to make your own tension wrench and lock pick using only paper clips. These materials are easy to find, and cheap to buy even if you don't have any. In a few minutes you can construct a practice lock pick kit to test out on all your locks. Not only is it a crafty hobby to learn, it can come in handy if you ever find yourself locked out of your own home.

Take a paper clip and bend the end out straight. Use a hammer to beat the tip of the paper clip until it is flat. Place the paper clip on a hard surface, such as concrete, to avoid damaging the surface with the hammer.

Hold the bent end of the paper clip, and insert the flat tip of the paper clip into a lock to use as a lock pick.

Wiggle the paper clip to move the pens, just as a traditional lock pick would.

Take a second paper clip and bend one end out straight, but do not flatten the tip.

Bend the straight edge up at a 90 degree angle from the body of the paper clip with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Bend 1/2 inch of the tip of this straight edge down at a 90 degree angle. Then, bend 1/8 inch of the tip at another 90 degree angle, this time pulling the tip back towards you, to make an L-shape with the first 90 degree angle bend, when viewed from the top.

Insert the bent tip of the paper clip as your tension wrench into the bottom of the lock. Angle it so the bend catches inside the lock and you can apply pressure to turn the lock.

Hold the makeshift tension wrench and insert the makeshift lock pick above it to pick the lock.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper clips
  • Hammer
  • Needle-nose pliers
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