How to remove the rear door panel on a Grand Vitara

Updated April 17, 2017

Door panels hold all types of accessories that will eventually need to be changed or replaced: accessories like speakers, lights, window regulators, door locks and power window controls. The only way to reach these accessories is to remove the door panel. The door panel also has to be removed to upgrade the speakers or add systems such as keyless entry or an alarm.

Pry up the top of the armrest by inserting a flathead screwdriver under the edge and lifting up. Gently apply pressure along the edges until the top of the armrest comes off. Disconnect the wiring that connects from the door to the door and window controls. Place the top of the armrest to the side.

Locate the four Phillips screws in the door panel and remove them. There are two screws inside the pocket on the bottom of the door panel. Two more screws are inside the armrest and can be located once Step 1 is completed.

Use a flathead screwdriver around the edge of the door panel along the sides and bottom. Slide the tip of the screwdriver between the panel and the door and gently pry up until you hear the plastic clips pop out. Remove the screwdriver and continue around the panel with your fingers, popping the plastic clips out of the door. There are four clips along the bottom and three along each side.

Reach behind the door panel and disconnect the wiring for the light and the speaker located near the bottom of the door. Pull the plastic connections away from each other and they should slide out.

Look behind the door panel at the door handle. There are two metal rods connecting the panel to the door. Tug on the plastic ends of the rod on the panels until they pop out. Lift up on the door panel and it should come away from the door.


Use a small container to keep hardware and bolts safe during the removal. This makes it easy to find them later for the installation.


Never jerk or pull on the door panel. Make sure all connections are removed before pulling the door panel away from the door.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
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