How to Convert Yards to Meters

Written by randall shatto | 13/05/2017

A yard is the English and standard United States measurement. It is a common measurement in football for field terminology. A meter is a basic unit in the metric system, which is used by most of the world except for the United States and Canada. With a simple formula, you can convert yards to meters.

Understand the formula. Converting units of measurements always requires a specific formula. The procedure from yards to meters is X (yards) multiplied by "0.9144" meters.

Write your formula with the number of yards. Multiply by "0.9144." For example, 100 yards * 0.9144 =?.

Use a calculator. In the example above, 100 yards * 0.9144 =?, the answer is 91.44 meters.

Things you need

  • Calculator

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