How to hang wall baskets

Updated February 21, 2017

Wall baskets serve as decorative pieces and for holding items such as plants. The way you hang the basket will depend on what you are using it for. Take into consideration the weight of the basket's contents before deciding the type of hanging hardware you need.

Use tack putty to hang a small to medium size basket that is a decorative piece and kept empty. Tack putty, an alternative to nails or staples, does not puncture or damage your wall and goes on and removes easily. Use the tack putty to hang the basket bottom side against the wall. Make four to six pea-size beads out of the tack material and place them at equal spacing along the bottom of the basket. If your basket is uneven, place them on the higher points that will be touching the wall when you hang it.

Push pins work well for hanging empty wall baskets, especially ones hung with their bottom up to the wall. If the basket is delicate and cannot hide the head of a push pin, use a thumb tack or a thin nail tack.

Hold the basket up to the wall where it will hang. Push the drawing pins or push pins into the basket, then into the wall along the bottom rim of the basket. If using the small nail tacks, put them in the same area on the basket, but you need a hammer to lightly bang them into place.

Hang a small basket with handles using a small cup hook you screw into the wall. Cup hooks will anchor an empty basket or one filled with light objects into a sheetrock (or gypsum) wall. Gently screw the hook into the sheetrock. Do not use this technique if the basket is going to contain a plant or heavy object. Instead use light objects such as pieces of fabric, wooden or plastic kitchen utensils and potholders.

Anchor a large screw hook into a stud or the moulding of a window or wall when you want to hang a basket containing flowers or any other heavier object. Make a starter hole for the screw end of the hook in the wood or stud with a hammer and a nail that is smaller than the screw end of the cup. To lower the height, use a small piece of twine or light chain between the basket and the hook. Make sure the hook extends far enough out so the basket hangs freely.

Hanging a wall basket that will contain heavy items in the middle of the wall without stud support requires a toggle bolt or two. A toggle bolt goes into the sheet rock and then opens up inside, dispersing the weight over a larger area of the sheet rock. This gives the basket a greater anchor than a nail pounded directly into the sheet rock.


Make sure the wall is clean and dry before using tack putty.


When you are unsure which hardware will hold, move up to the next level for additional hanging strength.

Things You'll Need

  • Wall baskets
  • Hammer and nails
  • Drawing pins, push pens, nail tacks
  • Tack putty
  • Cup hooks, large hooks, toggle bolts
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