How to Write the Word "Manga" in Japanese

Updated April 17, 2017

In Japanese, the word "manga" is generally written in either kanji (漫") or katana (マンガ). The kanji characters for "manga" literally mean "cartoon pictures" and can be difficult characters for non-Japanese to learn to write. You should have some grasp of basic kanji writing to draw them properly, but it's possible to simply copy or trace these characters as well.

The word "manga" is represented by two characters: the character for "man" and the character for "ga." Write the first part of the "man" character. See the image. These strokes will form the left side of the character.

Add the top portion of the "man" character. See the image for details. Be sure to leave room for the bottom segment of this character.

Add the bottom portion of the "man" character. This is the complete character and one half of the word "manga."

Begin drawing the "ga" kanji with the top of the character. You can write it below the "man" character or to the right, Western-style.

Add the middle segment of the "ga" character. See the image for guidance.

Complete your "ga" character by adding the strokes on the bottom and along the sides. See the image for details.

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