How to Care for an Alocasia Polly

Updated February 21, 2017

Alocasia Polly, commonly known as elephant's ear and botanically known as Alocasia amazonica is a tropical perennial plant that grows large thick and glossy deep green leaves with cream coloured veining. They are dramatic as houseplants and thrive in light shade to full shade conditions out of doors. Being tropical in origin they prefer moist but not wet soil and not too dry ambient conditions. If you have these plants the care of them can be fairly low maintenance if done right.

Prepare, use and maintain a well drained soil mix of compost, perlite and bark that is easily crumbled.

Plant the Alocasia rhizome in a pot or the ground eye side up and root side down if not already sprouted with a leaf or two. Water it well.

Place your Alocasia in an outdoor location with partial shade but bright indirect light and keep as a houseplant with similar conditions and plenty of fresh air circulation.

Water your Alocasia regularly when the soil mix feels slightly dry to the touch an inch down. As your Alocasia grows it will require more water in addition to the increased requirements that warmer weather adds. Keep a mindful eye and adjust watering as necessary to keep the plant healthy.

Fertilise with a water soluble general purpose fertiliser several times a year avoiding the late fall and winter when dormant.


Prune Alocasia only to remove damaged or diseased leaves or to control its size or shape.


Do not overwater Alocasia during the winter when it goes dormant. Keep an eye out for mildew or rot. Keep it dry and fresh air circulating around the plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Rich well drained soil
  • Partially shady spot with bright indirect light
  • Water
  • Water soluble general purpose fertiliser
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