What Are the Treatments for Cherry Angioma?

Written by corianne egan | 13/05/2017

Cherry angiomas are fairly common and pretty harmless, but they can grow and damage your appearance. Knowing what they are and how they are treated can help you get rid of these pesky spots.


Cherry angiomas are growths on the skin. They vary in size, but they are usually red and smooth, and sometimes they may rupture and bleed. They are more common after the age of 30, and their cause is still unknown.


Cryotherapy is also referred to as "freezing." The area with the cherry angioma is treated with liquid nitrogen to kill the growth and make it easy to scrape off.


Electrosurgery is the newest form of cautery, or burning. Doctors use a small needle with an electric charge to remove the angioma. Before the procedure, they will numb the area to alleviate all pain.


If you're looking for cosmetic results, laser treatment is one of the best ways to remove cherry angioma. Doctors aim a laser at the skin, and it essentially vaporises the angioma. Because it does virtually no damage to the skin and tissue around the lesion, it gives the best cosmetic results.

Leaving it Alone

Cherry angiomas don't require treatment. Removing them is most likely for cosmetic reasons or if they rupture often.

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