How to Watch IPL Live Cricket

Updated February 21, 2017

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a Twenty20 (t20) cricket league that was first formed in 2008. The IPL has developed a large international following. Fans watch live games at the events, on television and online. A lack of traditional television coverage has limited accessibility to the games for fans living in the United States, but it is still possible to watch live IPL cricket matches if you know where to look.

Check the IPL cricket schedule to see the dates and times that games will be played. Make sure to check the city that the game will be played in so you can account for the difference in time zones.

Point your computer's Web browser to the IPL website. After arriving at the IPL website, click the "Videos" link on the navigation menu at the top of the screen. If a live game is being played, it will be available to watch for free. When a live game is not being played, video highlights of recent games are displayed.

Use your mobile phone to watch live IPL cricket. The IPL uses a technology from Zenga TV to broadcast live cricket games to mobile phones. If you have a mobile phone with Internet access, you can watch any IPL game live by pointing your telephone's Web browser to the IPL's mobile website.

Watch the game via satellite. IPL cricket games are broadcast in Canada on ATN's CBN channel and on the ATN Cricket Plus channel. Anyone with a satellite receiver capable of manually adding stations can pull down these channels to watch IPL cricket games live. If your satellite does not feature this option, ask a sports bar if it would be willing to tune in the game for you.


Keep in mind that IPL cricket games are usually played in time zones that are several hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. An IPL game being played in the afternoon would be aired during the early-morning hours in North America.

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