How to Make a Solid Snake Costume

Updated November 21, 2016

Solid Snake is the main character and hero of the Metal Gear Solid series of video games. Solid Snake is a soldier known for his mullet hairstyle, scruffy appearance and strategical skills, which include hiding under a box to confuse enemy troops. Solid Snake's costume is typical for a soldier and relatively easy to recreate. Distinguishing yourself as Solid Snake rather than any other soldier is all in the details.

Visit a military surplus store to purchase the base of the costume. Solid Snake wears a military-issue battle dress uniform (BDU). These are the camouflage uniforms worn by American soldiers. While at the store, look for load-bearing equipment (LBE), which is a belt with connecting suspenders used to hold various pouches, canteens and other necessary gear. These items can generally be found used for a low price.

Find a pair of black combat boots. If you have a pair of boots in the wrong colour, paint them with black spray paint. This is not a good long-term solution but will work well when creating a costume for a one-time event.

Use a long piece of olive drab green fabric to construct a headband. There is no sewing required for this, simply wrap the narrow piece of fabric across the forehead and tie at the back of the head.

Grow your hair into a mullet. Solid Snake is known by his mullet, and this is a requirement for a proper Solid Snake costume. If you can't grow a mullet, then purchase a wig.

Choose the proper accessories. Solid Snake uses a wide variety of weapons, so almost any fake gun would be acceptable. For safety purposes, be sure that any toy weapon you carry is clearly identified as a toy with an orange tip at the end of the barrel. Carrying a cardboard box large enough for you to hide under is a nice touch that fellow video game fans will appreciate.

Things You'll Need

  • Military BDU
  • Black boots
  • Headband
  • Weapon
  • Large cardboard box
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