How to Plant Persian Buttercups

Updated April 17, 2017

These perennial plants grow to heights of 12-18 inches and bloom in colourful shades of pinks, reds, oranges, yellows and white. The flowers have a delicate crepe paper look and bloom from spring through summer, adding a burst of colour to any landscape whether in a garden or containers. Persian buttercups are easy to plant and maintain.

Plant in early spring when ground is workable after the last frost. Choose a location that gets full sun for six hours or more during the day.

Dig holes that are 2 inches deep and about 6-8 inches apart. Mix in the potting soil.

Place the tuber root claws down into the hole. Cover with the soil, mounding slightly.

Water well to moisten the soil. Keep watered daily while plants are being established. Once the plants are growing, let the soil dry out in between watering.


A week to 10 days before planting, manure or compost can be worked into the soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Perisan buttercup tubers
  • Mildly acidic to neutral soil
  • Water-soluble quick-release fertiliser
  • Manure or compost
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