How to make homemade latch hook rugs

Updated April 17, 2017

If you already know how to latch hook, than creating your own piece is fairly simple. If you are not familiar with latch hooking, you'll want to practice the technique first, possibly on a small project, to get the hang of it. The supplies to create a latch hook rug are not expensive. The total cost will depend on the size of the rug you decide to make, as will the amount of time it takes to complete. The act of latch hooking is simple enough for a child to do. Following a separate pattern is a little more challenging than purchasing a printed canvas. However, it is really no different than doing any craft or project that requires you to follow a pattern.

Draw out the pattern you want to be on the finished latch hook rug. You could also use a picture of another latch hook rug you would like to replicate, or a picture out of a magazine. Anything you like and feel you will be able to create a pattern of.

Create a pattern on a piece of grid paper. Each square on the grid paper represents one square on the canvas. Use the markers to colour in each square the colour you want the yarn to be in that square. When you start working on the rug, you'll hook the colour of yarn that appears in that square on the pattern.

Make a list of all the colours you used in the pattern. Then count how many squares you made in each colour. These numbers will tell you how much yarn you will need to buy. Most craft stores carry latch hook yarn already cut to size. You'll just need to know the amount to buy.

Cut the canvas to the size you'll need. You will want the canvas to be approximately 4 to 6 inches larger on every side than the finished piece. Put tape around all four sides. This will prevent the canvas from coming apart.

Start in the bottom left corner and follow the pattern to create your latch hook picture. You want to work from bottom to top and from left to right. This will help prevent you from losing your place in the pattern or missing spots. The yarn is also easier to work with from bottom to top. If you have never done latch hook before, here's how: You hook the yarn by folding the yarn in half over the straight part of the latch hook. Then slide the hook through the hole on the canvas where you want the yarn to go. Place the ends of the yarn over the hook, and let the hook grab the yarn as you pull it back through the hole in the canvas. Learning to latch hook may take practice.

When you are done with all the latch hooking, fold the edges of the material back and sew the edges to the back of the canvas. If you want, you can trim the edges before you sew them back since they won't need to be 6 inches long anymore.


Use a highlighter to mark off areas on the pattern once you are finished with them. This will help you keep track of where you are.


The larger the rug is the more space you'll need to work. A latch hook rug will not fold well or sit on your lap well.

Things You'll Need

  • Grid paper
  • Coloured markers
  • Latch hooking canvas
  • Latch hooking yarn
  • Tape
  • Needle and thread
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