How to Create Your Own Mr. Men Character

Updated February 21, 2017

The Mr. Men and Little Miss characters have been very popular children's book characters for many years. Originally the stars of a book series for toddlers (they have since branched out into other mediums), each character is named after a certain personality or emotion, with their look, actions and characteristics meant to represent and showcase that personality. Creating your own Mr. Men or Little Miss character is just a matter of thinking up a personality and deciding what that would look like.

Choose an emotion or personality that has not yet been given a character in the books. Thinking of something associated with yourself or someone you know can help. Decide then if your character is a Mr. or a Little Miss.

Choose a shape that your character will be and draw it out. Most of the characters are round, but you can adapt that shape to fit the personality you have chosen. For example, Mr. Greedy has a plump shape while Mr. Rush is shaped like the point of an arrow.

Add the legs, arms and face to the character, giving it hair, clothing or other distinctions that represent its name. Mr. Tickle has very long arms and Mr. Tall has long legs. Mr. Bump is covered in bandages. Little Miss Scary and Little Miss Bad have wicked grins.

Color your character in a single solid colour. Try to find a colour that will represent your character's name and personality also. Mr. Grumpy is blue, while Little Miss Sunshine is bright yellow.

Create and write a story centred around your character. It should centre around your character's personality and how they handle it, often with a moral at the end. Mr. Bump tries to find a use for his bumping into everything, while Little Miss Sunshine brings happiness to a place of misery.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Crayons or markers
  • Imagination


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