How to Make Wooden Clock Cases

Updated April 17, 2017

Craft stores stock plenty of shadow boxes, pre-formed wood shapes and frames that can be used as clock cases. Depending on cost, and the style or size required for your clock project, however, you may decide to make your own wooden clock case. A standard square or rectangle is the most simple wooden clock case to make.

Begin by measuring and cutting craft wood strips to make the primary box sides. For simplicity's sake, strips can be cut on a straight edge, especially if you plan to use trim to cover the corners. A neater box requires 45-degree mitre cuts.

Attach the sides of your wooden clock case. Use wood glue or industrial strength glue on the corners. You can use tape to temporarily hold the corners together until the glue sets/cures. You can also use very small nails or tacks to connect the corners. V nails used by framers are also a good option.

Measure and cut a backing board for your wooden clock case; then, drill or cut a hole in the centre for clock works. For large cases, you may want to drill the hole in an area other than the centre. Use hand measurements and aesthetic considerations to determine placement.

Glue the backing board to the case sides. Optionally, if you are ready to proceed with your clock project, you may glue the clock works to the back of the backing board.

Cut and add trim, wood burn, paint, stain and/or otherwise embellish your wooden clock case as desired for your project.

Add hooks, stands or props as needed.


Triangles, pentagons and other polygon shapes can be made into wooden clock cases using the same procedure. Simply adjust and measure the proper angles needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Craft wood or small lumber
  • Backing material (wood or heavy matt board)
  • Wood glue or industrial glue
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive tape
  • Saw and mitre box or mitre saw
  • Drill
  • Clock works and hands
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