Easter Bonnet Decorating Ideas

Easter bonnets are a beautiful tradition for women and children to wear on Easter Sunday or while participating in an Easter parade or egg hunt. The colourful bonnets portray beautiful flowers and lovely Easter decor symbolising this religious holiday. You can create your own one-of-a-kind Easter bonnet quite simply with just a few basic supplies.

Child's Flower Bonnet

Decorate the brim of a white Easter or straw hat by creating a field of flowers. Wrap a green feather boa around the crown of the hat and use a hot glue gun to adhere it to the crown. Trace flowers onto different colours of craft foam and cut them out. Trace circles out of felt fabric for the centres of the flowers, cut out leaves and make ladybirds, butterflies or dragonflies out of the felt or foam to glue onto the flowers or hat. Use green pipe cleaners as the stems, glue green leaves onto the sides of each stem, and top it with a flower. Glue the flowers in a vertical position along the crown of the hat.

Woman's Easter Bonnet

Choose a piece of netting or other sheer fabric to match your Easter outfit. Wrap the sheer material around the crown of the hat and glue it into place with a hot glue gun. Add beautiful faux gems, pearl garland, sequins or silk flowers around the brim and crown of the hat. Attach them with a hot glue gun onto the fabric or hat.

Boy's Easter Bonnet

Cut two bunny ear shapes about 1 foot long out of oak tag, poster board or heavy cardboard. Paint them with an acrylic paint and a craft brush to match the shade of your straw hat, eaving 1/2 inch on the lower portion for the tabs. Once the paint is dry, paint the inner section of the ears a lighter colour to make it look like a rabbit's ears. Use a craft knife to cut a slit into the hat on both sides of the crown. Stick the bunny ear tabs into the slits and tape or glue the tabs to the inside of the hat. Glue a cotton ball on the back of the hat to form the bunny's tale.

Coffee Filter Bonnet

Make an Easter bonnet by tracing a large circle onto a poster board and cutting it out. Place a disposable paper bowl face down onto the centre of the poster board circle, trace a circle slightly smaller than the bowl and cut it out. Glue the edges of a disposable paper bowl and place it upside down onto the centre of the circle. Allow it to dry. Use water colours to paint your hat and several coffee filters with lovely spring colours. Allow all the paint to dry. Fold the coffee filters in half and then once again. Grasp the folded filter at its point and fluff out the folds to form flowers. Glue the flowers around the brim of the hat. Use crepe paper or ribbon to form long streamers for the hat if you desire.

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