How to Fix a Kitchen Drawer

Updated February 21, 2017

Well-used kitchen drawers often require repairs because the front of the drawer is coming off, or the bottom of the drawer is falling out. It doesn't take long to fix a wooden kitchen drawer without compromising its appearance.

Remove the broken kitchen drawer from the cabinet and lay the parts out on a clean work surface. Use an old newspaper to cover your work surface so that it does not get damaged.

Pull apart any pieces of the drawer that are at all loose.

Place any loose side-panels back where they belong on the drawer. Use a pencil to draw along the inside edge of the panel on the bottom of the drawer. If all of the panels are loose, place them where they belong, one at a time, and draw lines on the bottom panel until you have four lines that represent the side panels.

Measure the front and back lines that you drew in the drawer. Cut two pieces of wood trim with a saw to match the measurements. Lay the two pieces of trim along the inside edge of the lines you drew on the bottom panel.

Measure the side lines that you drew from the inside edges of the two trim pieces that are laying on the bottom panel. Cut two pieces of trim to lay inside the drawer's side edges. You should now have four trim pieces laying against the inside edges of the drawer's side panels.

Spread a layer of Gorilla Glue along the bottom of each trim piece, one at a time. Put the trim back in place to attach it to the bottom panel. If you are placing the trim on a side where the side panel is still intact, spread a layer of Gorilla Glue along that side of the trim as well, and place the trim tightly against the side and bottom panels. Allow time for the glue to dry thoroughly.

Measure from the top of your trim pieces in the inside corners of your drawer to about 1/4 inch below the top of your side panels. Cut four pieces of trim for the corners. Use Gorilla Glue to attach the trim to the side panels. Press them into place and allow the glue to dry completely.

Spread a layer of Gorilla Glue on any loose side panels where they meet the trim pieces, and along the bottom of the panels where they sit on the bottom panel. Add a layer of gorilla glue to the trim pieces as well and press the side panels against the trim boards, allowing them to dry.

Secure the side panels to the trim boards with tack nails. Nail from outside of the panels into the corner trim, and along the bottom trim boards. When securing the front panel to the trim board, place the drawer on its face and nail from the inside out so you do not mark the face of the drawer.

Turn the drawer over so that you are looking at the bottom panel from underneath. Hammer tack nails into the trim boards to secure the bottom panel.


If you are experienced with power tools, attach the side panels to the trim with a nail gun. Use small wood screws to connect the side panels to the trim boards if you prefer.

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Measuring tape
  • 1/2-by-1/2-by-48 inch wood trim
  • Hand saw
  • Gorilla Glue
  • 5/8-inch tack nails
  • Hammer
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