How to Get a New Live Email Address

When you sign up for a new Windows Live Hotmail e-mail address, you get a lot more than a simple tool used to send and receive e-mails. Microsoft follows in the footsteps of Yahoo! and Google; rather than creating an individual Hotmail login, Microsoft requires you to sign up for a full Windows Live account in order to take advantage of the email service. This means you'll be able to take advantage of other Windows Live services, such as Messenger, SkyDrive and Photo Gallery once you get a new Live e-mail address. You can choose between an or e-mail address when you join.

Navigate to the Windows Live sign-up page at Either visit the page directly or click the "Sign Up" button on Hotmail's home page.

Click the blue "Or get a Windows Live e-mail address" link underneath the email field on the registration page.

Type your desired e-mail identifier into the "Windows Live ID" field. Click on the drop-down box to the right of the "@" symbol, then select ""

Enter the rest of the information needed for registration. Copy the text in the verification image into the box below it.

Click "I Accept."


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