How to Wear a Wrap With a Formal Dress

Wraps are as versatile as the fabrics they are made of and can be used for warmth or as a fashion accessory. It is easy to wear wraps with formal evening dresses in a manner that enhances your look on the special evening. Wraps can be made of sheer, lacy fabrics or in luxurious brocades and silk materials. Some are lightweight enough to be easily folded for storage in your purse, according to the Fashion Scarves & Shawls website. Whether your wrap is a crocheted heirloom passed down in your family or something you purchased just for this particular evening gown, it is important to know how to wear it.

Hold the wrap behind you with both arms extended with the ends of the wrap in your hands.

Drape each end of the wrap loosely over the crook of your elbows on each side.

Tie the wrap in a loose knot in front of your chest or simply wear it so that it falls beneath your shoulders and is draped over your arms, if the weather is not chilly or you just want to make use of it in your entrance and exit.

Hold the wrap behind you with both arms extended with the wrap ends in your hands.

Bring one hand to the opposite shoulder and drape one end of the wrap loosely over one shoulder, so that the end falls down your back.

Bring the opposite end to the other shoulder and drape it loosely over that shoulder. This will create a warm, cosy wrap that will protect you from cool air in the event or outdoors before and after the gala.

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