How to remove halogen bulbs

Updated February 21, 2017

Many consumers have switched to halogen bulbs to conserve energy and save money and time. Halogen lights burn longer and create purer, whiter light. However, even halogen bulbs will eventually burn out. When they do, you must take care to remove the old light safely and effectively.

Turn off the source of power to the halogen bulb. Allow the bulb to cool down as touching any hot light bulb is dangerous and may cause severe burns.

Remove any cover or casing that surrounds the bulb (if there is one). Using a paper towel or soft cloth like a glove, grab the bulb by the metal ring. Do not directly grab the glass.

Slowly twist the halogen light toward the left or counterclockwise until it comes out. Gently push the bulb if it does not budge at first. This will depend on the light housing unit the bulb is in. Dispose of the burnt-out light, taking care not to break the glass.


Never let small children touch any bulb. Do not touch the glass to avoid any oil transfer.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towel or soft cloth
  • Ladder or light bulb gripper (if the light is high)
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