How to Prevent Bird Nests

Updated February 21, 2017

Some people love observing nature right in their yards. Others do not enjoy it as much. In fact, some people even find it troublesome when birds build nests in their yard. Bird nests can cause a lot of messes, and may encourage large predatory birds to come into your yard. This can be a problem if you have small pets. Here are some tips on how to prevent birds from building nests.

Hang bird netting from your roof and down the side of your house. This prevents birds from being able to build any nests. Usually, birds build nests on a house by sticking the materials to any surface that allows the nest to cling. Bird netting makes it very difficult for the bird nest to stick.

Consider making your own bird netting. All that you need to do is hang is a piece of mesh netting. Pond or golf netting will work out great. Choose netting which has smaller holes, or the birds' neck may get caught. Following the same steps that you would with bird nettings. Hang it from the roof and down the side of the house.

Hang aluminum foil or plastic from your roof, extending it to the walls of the house. Foil and plastic both are slippery, which prevents birds from attempting to build a nest. Plastic or aluminum foil also guards the area from the birds, as they will not be able to build under it.

Keep the yard free from loose twigs and weeds. A bird will build a nest close to where it can find nest materials. If twigs, weeds, string, and other items that a bird could use to make a nest are readily available in your yard, then a bird will want to build a nest in nearby trees or on your house.

Clear any old bird nests from your yard. Much like humans, birds have a tendency to look for existing homes into which they can move. An unoccupied bird nest is a great starting point for any bird that wants to build its own nest. All that a bird needs to do is add on to the existing nest.

Destroy a bird nest when you first notice it. If you notice that birds are beginning to build a nest in your yard, the best thing that you can do is destroy it before they make it their home. This means that there should not be any birds or eggs in the nest when you destroy it. The federal Migratory Bird Act says that killing and harming birds or destroying their eggs is illegal.


Begin preventative measures at the right time of year. If you live in a northern region, January or February is a good time to begin, because birds will soon migrate from the south.


Anyone who harms birds or their eggs may face large fines and/or jail time.

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