How to Identify Real Chanel J12

Updated March 21, 2017

Chanel has become synonymous with class and style. The Chanel J12 is a watch known for its beauty (sometimes decorated with tasteful diamonds), durability and function. It has withstood several generations and is just as classy on the arm of a young woman as an older woman. Unfortunately, many illegally duplicate these fashionable items and sell them to people looking to sport fake accessories, or to unsuspecting buyers. However, if you have the right know-how, you'll never be swindled by crooks looking to make a buck because you didn't know how to spot a real J12.

Look at the price of the watch in question. A real J12 retails for £3,250 upwards. There would be no reason for someone to sell a real one (even used) for less than £1,300.

Discern where the watch is manufactured. Real Chanel watches are made in Italy and will say so on the back.

Find out where the seller is from. Although it doesn't guarantee a fake, a J12 from an Asian or African country, coupled with a low price tag, usually sends off alarm bells.

Note that a real Chanel watch comes in a Chanel case and the band is never covered in plastic.

Examine the rivets. Watches with a rivet on every link are fake.

Have an expert check it out for you. Post photos on websites known to authenticate or send in a private e-mail (see Resources).

Beware of websites or eBay auctions that have pictures directly from the website. This ensures that item is a fake. Make sure you are getting pictures of the item you are being sold only.

Compare the watch with the watches on (see References). If it looks off, it is probably fake.


When in doubt, have a jeweller authenticate it for you.


Just because a user on eBay has excellent reviews, do not automatically assume that means all of his merchandise is real.

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