How to Save Hyacinth Bulbs

Updated February 21, 2017

Hyacinths bloom in early spring shortly after the snow has melted. Available in a wide range of colours, these bright flowers are highly scented and make a spectacular show when planted in masses or left to naturalise. Most are hardy to Zone 4 while some are able to withstand the temperatures in Zone 3. Hyacinth bulbs do not need to be dug up in the fall, but if you are considering a move or simply want to create a new hyacinth bed for the spring, you may want to dig and store the bulbs until ready for planting in the fall.

Mark your hyacinths when they are in bloom. Leaves die back shortly after blooming and make the bulbs difficult to locate.

Dig around the bulbs with a garden spade, using care not to nick or damage them. Lift the bulbs free of the soil and shake gently to remove any soil that clings to them.

Spread the bulbs out on old newspaper in a dry area out of direct sunlight. Allow to air dry for 1 week.

Place the bulbs in mesh bag and hang in a dry well-ventilated area. Bulbs may be stored for forcing blooms in the winter or to replant in the fall in your new location.


Take pictures of your hyacinths while in bloom and store it with the bulbs so you will remember the colour when planting.

Things You'll Need

  • Garden spade
  • Newspapers
  • Mesh bag
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