How to Bleach Hair Roots

Stop visible root regrowth by maintaining your bleached roots with a self-bleaching kit. These kits are available for purchase at chemists and department stores with varying price points. Bleaching your roots takes time and patience, it is important not to rush the process so you do not make any mistakes. Plan your time wisely and ask for assistance from a friend if possible.

Drape a towel over your shoulders and separate your hair into seven different sections -- two in the top front, two on the sides, one in the back middle and two at the nape. You'll be working with each section individually to assure yourself that you coloured every root.

Start with the back of your head and release the left nape section of hair. Apply the bleaching solution to the hairline and around the base of your section. A mirror works well to see the back of your head. Using an alligator comb move the hair from side to side in that section to confirm you covered all roots. Repeat the process with the right nape section.

Work with the left side of your head by applying the bleach to the base of your section before releasing it. Because this side is located next to your ears, cover all the smaller hairs around the ear area. Release the section and use your alligator comb to move your hair from side to side to confirm you covered all roots within that section. Repeat with the right side of your hair.

Use the bleaching solution to go around the base of the middle, or crown, section. This will be the hardest section to reach without assistance. Start at the top of the section and part your hair down the centre of the section. Use the solution to make a trail down and work from side to side adding bleaching solution to your middle area. When finished, use your alligator comb and a mirror to verify all roots especially at the very top of your head are covered.

Trace the solution along your front left hairline and the base of the left front section. Working similarly as the nape area, dampen all roots with bleaching solution. Go through your section with an alligator comb and apply solution to any missed areas. Repeat with the right front section.

Use the mirror to go over your head and check for any missed areas. Apply the bleaching solution to any spots that may look dry. Avoid bleaching the middle or ends of your hair.

Wait the recommended time provided on the box. When the time is finished, do a test by rinsing a very small section of your roots. It is best to test an area out of sight, such as the back of your neck. Verify the root colour is blonde or white and rinse. Use a heavy conditioner or a cholesterol hair treatment to add in moisture that the bleaching stripped from your hair. Heavy conditioner and cholesterol can be purchased at a beauty store.


Do not bleach your roots at home if your hair is dark brown or black because it will result in orange hair. If your head starts to burn, wash bleach out and do not attempt for another two weeks or visit a salon.

Things You'll Need

  • Towels
  • Hair bands or clips
  • Mirror
  • Home bleaching kit
  • Alligator comb
  • Timer
  • Conditioner or cholesterol
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