How to Install Built-In Microwaves & Ovens

Updated February 21, 2017

A built-in microwave oven is a great accessory for your home. It fits right inside your cabinets and blends in with your kitchen surroundings. Installing a built-in microwave oven requires just a few tools and can be completed in one afternoon. The installation consists of attaching a base pan to the microwave and supports to the cabinets.

Unplug and remove the microwave from the installation area, if this has not already been done.

Place the base pan support inside the cabinet where the microwave will be installed. Set it exactly into the centre of the cabinet shelf, then drill two holes for the base pan front, that match the holes in the front of the base pan.

Install the hold down brackets into the base pan by inserting them into the slots at the rear of the base pan. Then mark the four holes to mount these to the cabinet shelf using a pencil. Drill out these holes using the same 3/32-inch bit to install the hold down brackets. Then mount the rear hold down brackets to the cabinet shelf.

Remove the front screws from the base pan and then slide the base pan out of the cabinet.

Remove everything from the inside of the microwave including the glass turntable, then turn it upside down on a counter top and set the base pan on top of it. Line up the four mounting holes on the base pan with the mounting holes on the microwave and then attach the base pan to the microwave with the provided hardware and screw driver.

Place the back duct piece on the rear of the microwave so the bottom end slides between the base pan and microwave, then attach it with the provided hardware and screwdriver.

Slide the side duct onto the right side of the microwave so it too fits between the base pan and microwave, then attach it to the base of the microwave and the rear duct using the provided hardware.

Plug in your unit, then carefully set the microwave into the cabinet shelf and push it backwards until it locks into place with the two rear brackets.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • 3/32 drill bit
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