How to Tie Highland Dancing Shoes

Written by helen jain | 13/05/2017

Dancing shoes are all different depending on the culture from which the shoes originate. In the case of Highland dancing shoes, which are worn in highland dances like Scottish folk dances, the tying and lacing of the shoe is complicated. When it is not tied correctly, there is potential damage to the foot, so it is important that these shoes are tied correctly.

Lace the shoes. Until the final eyelets, the lacing is exactly the same as normal shoes.

Cross the laces like normal, but position the lace under the bottom of the second eyelet. Pull the lace through the second eyelet from underneath the eyelet.

Pull the heel of the shoe upward, so it is pressed firmly against the foot. Pull the lace through the first eyelet. Make sure the shoe is pulled tightly, so it won’t fall off. Highland dancing shoes should feel loose until they are tied, but should feel comfortably tight once tied.

Pull the laces on both sides, so all of the excess lace is in the front. Tie the laces in a normal manner and then tuck the excess laces into the shoe, so the tie cannot be seen.


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