How to Perform My Friend's Wedding Ceremony

Updated April 17, 2017

Wedding days are special events. Make the day even more personal by performing your friend's wedding ceremony. Taking on this task isn't for everyone, but those who choose to marry their friends create a wonderful wedding memory for the couple. For some who become ordained ministers, it turns into a career or service they offer to the community. Becoming an ordained minister is quick and inexpensive, and it provides friends with an extra-special touch on their wedding day.

Check the requirements to perform a marriage. Verify with the local country clerk's office to learn who can legally perform wedding ceremonies. Each state establishes specific criteria as to who can perform marriage ceremonies. Check the state where the marriage is taking place if it is different from where you live.

Get ordained as a minister. Unless you meet another criteria to perform a marriage, obtain your credentials as a minister. Many people who want to perform a marriage ceremony select this option. Choose an online ministry and complete the application. Many are short and include questions like name, address and phone number. Some sites offer this service for free, while others charge a minimal fee.

Discuss the wedding ceremony expectations. Plan a time to meet with your friend and discuss the format of the ceremony. Talk about music, scripture readings, poems, vows and wedding traditions. Create an order of events for the ceremony to follow so both the minister and couple know what order everything will happen.

Prepare opening words about the couple and wedding day. Share a few special memories or thoughts about the couple. They selected you to perform their wedding ceremony, so you must have a special relationship with them. Include statements about the importance of marriage and the step they are taking in their lives.

Rehearse with the bride and groom the day before the wedding ceremony. Consider including everyone involved with the ceremony to be in the rehearsal. The minister leads the rehearsal and directs the couple and wedding party where to go. Discuss with the couple prior to rehearsal how they want participants to enter and stand.

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