Ideas to Decorate an Arch in a Living Room

Updated February 21, 2017

An archway adds interest to a living room and deviates from the boring, traditional square doorway. The archway is the perfect spot for decoration but because of its shape it can seem challenging to know what to do with it. Several options, from wallpaper to tile, are available for decorating a living room archway. Each decorating option provides you with different colours, patterns and textures to liven up the room.


Wallpaper gives you a choice of patterns and colours with no special artistic skill required to create them. Simply choose a pattern that you feel best matches your living room. Wallpapering an archway works a little differently compared to putting up wallpaper on a flat wall. If you need instructions for hanging your wallpaper, see the link in the Resource section. Wallpaper gives you the freedom to change it for a design you like better at any time and for a cheap price.


Paint is easy to apply and gives you several different opportunities for adding style. Colour choice is limited only to your imagination and you can choose any type of finish from shiny to flat to anything in between. For an interesting archway, consider using a solid background colour and then stencilling a design over this colour. You might choose a light background pattern and stencil green ivy with tiny pink flowers around it. This can run around the outside of the arch or on the underside of the arch itself. When using different colours, always use stencils, or tape off the separate areas to ensure crisp lines and shapes.


Tile works wonders on an archway. It adds a sense of elegance to even the plainest room and adds a nice, smooth texture to the arch itself. Tile comes in a variety of colours and finishes. Choose a glazed tile for extra shine or a dull tile for a relaxed feeling. Neutral colours can compliment a bright room while warm colours liven an archway. Smaller tiles work the best. Create rows of tile or use several colours to create a pattern. Consider choosing one colour from your living room and one colour from the adjoining room and use both in the archway to create a sense of unity.

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