How To Use a Belkin Wireless G Router As a Range Booster Access Point

Updated April 17, 2017

A wireless networking device such as the Belkin Wireless G router is primarily intended to be used as a central connection point for your home or office network. If you have enough devices to network together that a single router doesn't provide enough range for all of them, you can use a range boosting access point, which is also known as a repeater, to extend the network's range. If you already have a second Belkin Wireless G router there is no need to buy a separate repeater, as you can change the router's settings to act as a range boosting access point.

Set the Belkin Wireless G router towards the edge of your network's current range limit. Connect the router's electrical plug into a wall outlet and power it on. Insert the software CD that came with the Belkin router into the disc drive of whichever computer is physically closest to the device. Wait for the installation wizard to appear on the screen and then follow the instructions to install the Belkin router software.

Open any web browser on the computer once the installation has finished. Type the string of numbers "" into the navigation tool bar at the top of the browser and then hit the "Enter" key. Enter the word "Admin" into both the user name and password text fields at the centre the screen. Click on the "Log In" button to access the Belkin wireless router's menu screen.

Click on the "LAN Settings" link underneath the "LAN Setup" heading at the top-left side of the window. Take a quick inventory of the number of devices that will be connected together on your network. Click inside the text box for the wireless router's IP address at the centre of the screen. Delete the last number in the IP address. Type in a number that is at least one digit higher than the amount of devices on your network, such as "35" if there are 34 total devices on your network.

Scroll down to the "DHCP Server" heading underneath the IP address text box. Click on the radio button marked as "Turn Off." Click on the "DNS" link located underneath the "Internet WAN" heading at the left side of the screen. Find the radio box marked as "Disable Forwarding." Click on the radio box.

Click on the "Security" button located underneath the "Wireless" heading. Scroll down to the "Port Forwarding" area at the middle of the window. Remove each of the IP addresses listed in the text boxes. Find the radio button marked as "Gateway" and then click on it.

Click on the "Application Gateways" link underneath the "Firewall" heading. Click on the box labelled as "Disable Firewall." Click on the "Apply Settings" button at the bottom of the window and then close down the web browser to use the Belkin Wireless G router as a range boosting access point.


In the "System Settings" menu you can change the user name and password so that other users cannot access the router's menu by using the "admin" password.

Things You'll Need

  • Computers with wireless network cards
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