How to remove a speeding ticket from your record

Written by jada cash
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Getting a traffic ticket can be a major hassle, and potentially lead to a suspended driver's license. The only way to get a ticket removed from your record is to contest it, and win.

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    Successfully contesting a speeding ticket begins when you get pulled over. Be polite with the officer--bad behaviour can come back to bite you in court. Also, do not admit any guilt if you plan to contest the ticket. That doesn't mean you should argue with the officer, just feign ignorance. If you admit that you knew you were speeding, it can be used against you.

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    Here's an inside trick that can work in your favour: act nonchalant about the ticket and ask the officer how to handle it by mail. The theory here is that the officer will not take many notes about the incident, thus skipping, or being unprepared for the court date--in which case the judge is more likely to rule in your favour.

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    With the incident still fresh in your mind, begin preparing your defence. For example, if there was something in the way of the speed limit sign, take a picture of it. Take note of anything that would help your case while you're still at the scene.

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    There might already be a court date on the ticket, if so, show up on that date, well groomed and in business casual attire. If not, the instructions on the ticket will walk you through setting up your court date. Unless the offence is serious, such as a DUI or bad car accident, it doesn't make much sense to hire legal representation.

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    If the officer does not show up at the court date, you're in luck--your case will most likely be dismissed and your ticket dropped. If the officer does show up, plead not guilty. In some counties, pleading no contest will allow you to pay the court costs, but the points from the ticket will not show up on your record.

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    Plead your case politely, but be careful not to admit guilt. The more prepared you are for what you will say, the better. Take notes on the judge's decision.

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    If the judge orders you to pay a fine or go to traffic school in exchange for the points of the ticket not going against your record, follow the instructions exactly. While the ticket will still be on your record, the points will not count against you, which could save you from losing your license.

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    A few weeks after your court ordeal, check your driving record to ensure no clerical errors were made. If you won your case or had points dismissed from the ticket, make sure your record reflects that.

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