How to Calculate Age Range From Birth Date in An Excel Spreadsheet

Updated March 23, 2017

Ever wonder the exact age of someone? Not just how many years old the person is, but his age down to the very second? If so, this Excel activity is the perfect solution. By simply entering today's date, the birth date and a few simple functions, the program can calculate a person's age in years, months, days, hours and even seconds. Follow the steps and easily calculate the age range from any birth date in an Excel spreadsheet.

Enter the date data. In cell A1, type in today's date. In cell A2, type in the person's birth date.

Enter the formula to display the age in years. In cell A3, enter the following formula: "=(A1-A2)/365.25." Then click "Enter." The result displayed is the person's age in years.

Type the formula to display the age in months. In cell A4, enter the formula "=A3*12" and click "Enter." The person's age in months will display.

Enter the formula to display the age in days. In cell A5, enter the formula "=A3*365.25" and hit "Enter." The person's age in days will show.

Type the formula to display the age in hours. In cell A6, enter "=A5*24" and click "Enter." The person's age in hours will display.

To show the person's age in seconds, type the formula "=A6*60" into cell A7 and click "Enter." The number displayed is the person's age in seconds.


Type the dates in normal date format (mm/dd/yy) and Excel should recognise it, but if not, right-click on the cell, click "Format" and change the format from the default number to the date format.


Because of how Excel makes these calculations, these formulas might not work properly for someone who is less than a year old.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Microsoft Excel program
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