How to wrap flowers in cellophane

Updated April 17, 2017

It is important to wrap fresh-cut flowers or an arrangement of store-bought flowers in cellophane to protect the flower heads and stems from damage. The cellophane wrap will help the flowers maintain moisture, too. Using a wrap will also help you carry the flowers safely without any irritation from pollen or chemical residue on the flowers. A cellophane wrap around flowers adds a lovely finishing touch to a gift of flowers.

Purchase cellophane from a floral shop or wrap a flower bouquet, Choose cellophane that is heavy enough to fully protect the tender blooms. Pick the style of cellophane that pleases you: either clear or with a white shading, or other colours in a sheer tint of colour.

Choose the flowers you will cut or purchase to make an arrangement of flowers to give someone as a gift. Cut the bottom of the flower stems so all flowers are uniform in length. Remove any dangerous thorns or protruding hard leaves that could cause injury.

Examine all flowers to ensure the flowers are in good condition without any damage. Also check to see that the flowers are fresh and suitable to be used in a bouquet of flowers for a gift.

Attach groupings of the flowers together at the stems with rubber bands or floral wire. Check each grouping to ensure the flowers are firmly attached and arranged in a pleasing way. Then combine groupings of flowers to make a bouquet suitable for a gift. Cut a piece of cellophane large enough both to cover the full length of the flowers and to wrap around the flower arrangement at least two times.

Place the flower arrangement at the end of the piece of cellophane. Hold the cellophane against the stems of the flowers and start to roll the cellophane around the bouquet of flowers. Wrap the cellophane around at least twice to fully protect the flowers. Wrap a rubber band around the bottom of the cellophane to secure it firmly around the stems of the flowers. Then add some decorative ribbon around the stems to cover the rubber band and to add a bit of beauty to the wrap for the flowers. Choose a colour that blends well with the flowers. Give the flowers a misting of water with a spray bottle to help them stay moist.


Do not purchase cellophane wrap that is too thin. It may cling to the flowers and damage them. Use flowers fresh enough for a beautiful gift.


Do not make a bouquet for a gift with flowers that may be poisonous or dangerous in some other way.

Things You'll Need

  • Cellophane wrap
  • Rubber bands
  • Florist wire
  • Ribbon
  • Water and spray bottle
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