How to Replace the String on a McCulloch String Trimmer

Updated February 21, 2017

The McCulloch string trimmer features a 12-inch cutting width with a bump feed string release system. The handle is also designed for right- or left-handed users. The trimmer uses a .065 diameter dual line and is available in various lengths and colours. Replacement of the string on your McCulloch String Trimmer is fairly easy and can be replaced in a matter of minutes, making it convenient to continue using your trimmer.

Unplug the electrical cord to your McCulloch String Trimmer, and turn the trimmer over so you are looking at the bottom of the cutting guard. Locate the bump feed cover in the centre of the line feed spool.

Hold the outside edge of the string spool, and push in on the bump feed cover. Turn the feed ring until you feel the cap slide out of the slots and come loose.

Remove the cap and take the trimmer string spool out of the plastic spool ring. Be careful to hold onto the spring that is located inside the spool.

Take any remnants of string out of the spool so that it is completely empty. Locate the hole or slot in the side of the spool that holds the start of your trimmer string.

Thread the end of the trimmer string through the hole in the spool and leave about 1/2 inch sticking through the hole. Hold the string in place and begin winding the string around the spool clockwise until the string is almost to the top edge of the spool.

Cut the trimmer line and thread about 12 inches of string through the hole in the spool ring on the trimmer. Place the spring back in position and put the spool back on the trimmer, holding the end of the string through the feed hole.

Place the bump feed cap back over the spool. Hold the outer spool ring and turn the bump feed cap until the slots lock into place, then turn the McCulloch string trimmer over and plug it back in to the electrical socket.


To avoid injury, never try to replace the string while the trimmer is still plugged in to the electrical socket.

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