How to loosen a ratchet strap

Updated April 17, 2017

A ratchet strap is the ideal tool to use when securing a very heavy object to the top of a vehicle. Some ratchet straps can hold an object weighing thousands of pounds, and they are very easy to use. Although it can be tough to figure out how to secure an object with a ratchet strap the first time, it will eventually come naturally.

Pull the centre latch toward the crank handle.

Exert pressure on the centre latch and rotate the crank handle to open it. You should hear it lock into place.

Release the centre latch.

Pull the entire buckle away from the heavy object. This should create some slack in the strap.

Pull the remaining slack through the slot in the buckle.

Remove the heavy object.


You may need to loosen the strap without removing the object if the straps are twisted. Twists can put extra, unwanted pressure on the straps.

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