How to Become a PlayStation Game Tester

Video game testers spend hours at a time playing through a video game, testing system settings and looking for glitches in the game or system operation. They are often hired on a contract basis, working for a certain time span on one game or system. Some video game testers experience periods without work due to the cycles of game development and releases.

Game testers are hired by game companies, console makers and third-party companies that test games and systems for a video game company. PlayStation game testers find work with game developers and third-party companies that contract developers. Sony itself may only employ a small number of game testers.

A good game tester will be willing to work for any project that becomes available. They will also be willing to spend some long days (10-14 hours) testing the same game or same feature over and over again.

Sign up for beta testing programs with PlayStation Underground (see Resources). Also check the websites of game developers, such as Electronic Arts (EA) and Capcom for news regarding beta-testing periods.

Access PlayStation Underground and the beta-testing program through the PlayStation Network. Become active on the forums on the website and look for information regarding beta testing. Sign up for beta testing when it becomes available. If selected, you will be expected to devote a few hours a week to testing mainly hardware components and PlayStation features.

Browse job sites for game testing work. Many companies increase their hiring of game testers in the summer and early fall as they prepare for multiple game releases for the holidays. These companies are subcontracted by the developers of PlayStation games to hire game testers.

Submit applications to multiple game companies. Keep in mind that some game testers are required to be on site to do testing. A large number of video game development companies are based in California and Washington state. Many game developers hire game testers directly. A game tester may be hired to test a new PlayStation game in development.


Try looking for work as an independent beta tester. You can work from home testing select games, but the pay can be minimal or nonexistent for this work. Locate development companies in your area that make games for PlayStation consoles to find on-site work. Expand beyond PlayStation game testing. Game developers and third-party testing companies tend to pay monetary compensation, and game testers may test for various systems beyond PlayStation. It is rare to find a permanent job as a game tester, so keep applying to positions.


Game testers can go months without steady work. Game testing may involve hours of playing the same section of a game over and over again. PlayStation beta testing is often done by avid PlayStation gamers for no financial compensation. Testers selected through PlayStation forums and PlayStation Underground are compensated with early access to new PlayStation hardware and games.

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